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About MedTel Outcomes

Our Work

MedTel Outcomes, LLC. provides facilities with post-discharge telephone data collection, offering over three decades of experience using the IRF-PAI (Self-care and Mobility items), Pediatric, and Modified Rankin assessments. We have also worked with facilities to create custom data collection instruments.

Patients Contacted Monthly
Accredited Facilities
Years of Experience

Our Team

Sandra Illig, RN, MS, NP


Caitlin Siefer, MS

Vice President

Don Leslie

Vice President, Information Technology

Derek Siefer, BS

Director, Data Management

Cheyenne Romano, BS

Office Administrator

Jennifer Schaffert, RN

Nurse Manager

Lisa Meadows

Project Manager

Karen Smith

Administrative Assistant

Eric J. Van Pyrz

Security & Compliance Consultation

Our History

MedTel Outcomes, LLC was established in 2002 by its founder, and owner, Sandra Bennett Illig after a thirteen year history of creating and running a successful follow-up data collection company. As a graduate student, Sandra worked closely with rehabilitation colleagues and understood the need to collect data and document outcomes on patients who had undergone an inpatient rehabilitation stay. She started a business to offer facilities an alternative to collecting the data internally by outsourcing and receiving data that was reliable, consistent and cost-effective.

Today, MedTel Outcomes, LLC has grown yearly and our original mission remains the same: consistent, convenient and cost-effective post-discharge data collection. Our clinicians assess thousands of patients on a monthly basis. MedTel Outcomes contracts with hundreds of rehabilitation facilities throughout the country, offering over three decades of experience and growth. As the leader in post-discharge data collection, we have embraced changes in the field and are constantly evolving to provide the best value to our facilities while remaining true to our founding principles.