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Functional Outcomes

Self Care, Mobility and More

Collecting follow-up data is a requirement for Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) accreditation. MedTel Outcomes, LLC provides a cost effective and reliable alternative to using in-house staff for this telephone interview process. Let our trained clinicians assist your facility in seeing the whole picture.

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Standard Assessments

IRF-PAI (GG Items)

Our nurses use the IRF-PAI, specifically the GG items of Self-Care and Mobility, to help facilitate necessary data for CARF accreditation.

Modified Rankin

The required outcome measure for comprehensive stroke centers to facilitate Joint Commission Standards. Our clinicians assess mrS score using a standardized interview process.

Pediatric Assessments

The standard for pediatric rehabilitation that delivers meaningful outcome data and reports.

Facility Benefits

Reliable data collection by trained clinicians. On top of our comprehensive package of services, facilities can expect the best from MedTel Outcomes:

Data collection by trained and credentialed clinicians to assume reliable outcomes.
Flexible calling schedule – seven days a week – for obtainable rates averaging 75%
Unbiased third party to maintain valid results.
Data entry and database management in a secured environment.
Trending reports with key outcome data displayed visually.
National benchmarks for comparison and trending.
Customized questions, specific to your facility, reported monthly.
Per completed report charge for accurate budgeting.
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Precision Data Collection

Our nurses collect post-discharge functional outcome data to provide data on the durability of goals achieved during inpatient rehabilitation programs. Follow-up items include functional activities, demographic data as well as key satisfaction items. Facilities can customize data to meet their needs for specialty CARF programs.