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The Leaders in Telephone Data Collection.

What We Do

MedTel Outcomes LLC works closely with your facility to seamlessly collect functional post-discharge outcomes and import and export follow-up data into your specific data management platform. Our clinicians assess thousands of patients on a monthly basis using the IRF PAI (GG Items), Pediatric, Modified Rankin, and other custom reporting instruments.

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MedTel Outcomes provides rehabilitation facilities with data that is gathered post-discharge to manage their outcomes and also to facilitate compliance with Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) standards.

Standard Services

Our comprehensive package of services is currently available to all facilities using the IRF-PAI (GG Items), Modified Rankin, and Pediatric instruments for a per completed record charge. A list of services available for other standardized, as well as customized, instruments are available upon request. Services for subscribing facilities include:

Benchmarking for accurate data comparison
Telephone collection by trained nurses
Data collection all seven days of the week
Monthly, quarterly and annual reporting
  • Data collection on additional outcomes including falls, patient satisfaction, post-discharge re-hospitalizations at 30 and 90 days, utilization of therapy services, community participation, and quality of life.
  • MedTel Benchmarks, the largest benchmarking database for facility comparison and trending against national aggregate data
  • Telephone data collection performed by trained nurses
  • A calling schedule that includes 7 days per week, evening and weekends; excluding major holidays
  • Secured network/database and necessary data entry management
  • MedTel Quarterly Report and Annual Report with demographic summary including easy-to-read graphs on key outcomes.¬†For applicable facilities; Annual Severity-Adjusted Reports
  • Monthly record summary report
  • Quarterly documentation on all unobtainable records
  • Return of completed data on a quarterly basis, compatible with your software or outcomes system
  • Choice of five (5) facility specific questions with monthly extra question report
  • Easy secure data transfer to MedTel Outcomes through our secure client website
  • Rapid Response Report to document and alert facilities to significant patient concerns offered during interview process
  • As always, professional technical support and designated customer service representatives

*Custom instruments may not receive all standard services

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Our Customers

Hospital Networks

Rehabilitation facilities throughout the country use MedTel Outcomes for functional outcome and satisfaction data. Data are collected by trained clinicians with bilingual services available.

Dedicated Stroke Centers

Our clinicians conduct collection for primary/comprehensive stroke centers using the Modified Rankin to gather accurate data on stroke patient outcomes. This data helps stroke programs meet Joint Commission Standards.

Veteran’s Hospitals

Outcome data collection for inpatient, outpatient, vocational therapy and specialty programs.

Pediatric Facilities

Our trained clinicians follow-up with patient families and collect necessary data using a standard pediatric assessment.

Outpatient Clinics

Customized instruments for outpatient therapy programs.