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Patient Frequently Asked Questions

Why is someone calling from a 716 area code?

MedTel Outcomes is located in Buffalo, NY. We contract with hundreds of hospitals throughout the country to outsource their follow-up data collection and conduct post-discharge assessments.

Who completes this assessment?

MedTel Outcomes utilizes clinicians to conduct post-discharge assessments.

Are the questions given to me in a language I can understand?

MedTel Outcomes has a robust staff of bilingual (English/Spanish) clinicians.

What types of information do you collect?

Most of the questions you will be asked evaluate how much help, if any, you need to complete daily activities. These will be similar to the skills developed in your rehab program, like walking, dressing and other self-care items.

What happens with my information?

Your information is provided back to the hospital in an aggregate format (non-identifying averages) in a report format. Facilities use this information to facilitate accreditation and make improvements in their programs.

Can I provide any other feedback?

There may be several satisfaction questions and opportunities to provide feedback during the assessment. If you had a problem or concern, you can also give us that information.

How can I verify this call is legitimate?

At the time of your assessment, you may ask for the Patient Referral Contact and the clinician conducting your interview can provide you the phone number of the hospital contact who can verify the purpose of our call.

Still need help?

Contact us today, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

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